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2018 is as busy as ever …

2018 is as busy as ever and as always we are so grateful to our wonderful audience who come out rain or shine to support live music. Hurrah! As well as touring the brand new show ‘Swing’s The Thing’ with our fabulous Trio and Big Mini Big Band up and down the country other highlights […]

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Clare's Blog

Music is a universal language and works best when shared.

“Music is what feeling sounds like. Music is what healing sounds like. It has the power to bring people back to life. I’ve seen it. I’ve experienced it. It is powerful, and beautiful.” These inspirational words are taken from a letter written by a young woman called Alisha, a patient in a children’s hospital to […]

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Back to basics tasty …

The other night we had a bunch of friends over to eat. They are all brilliant fun and the only challenge when we get together is the menu.  One is mainly vegetarian but will eat fish, one will eat fish and meat with 2 feet (thankfully not humans) but can’t tolerate citrus and another is […]

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